Yahoo finance cryptocurrency

Yahoo finance is an online platform owned by Yahoo network group which provides the users, financial news, reports, stoke quotes etc. If you want to know about financial business, then Yahoo finance is the most reliable platform. It is one of the world’s largest news sites for financial purposes.

However, recently Yahoo finance has created a buzz in the global financial world when it announced that it is extending its support to cryptocurrency. This perhaps is the biggest milestone for cryptocurrencies.

Initially, the service was provided for four popular cryptocurrencies namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash. The users can trade these cryptocurrencies through Coinbase and Robinhood API integration. This is a very big step for the mainstream exposure of cryptocurrencies.

This step by Yahoo Finance is very helpful for both the users and also the cryptocurrencies. Yahoo finance has an average of 70 million users every month. So by allowing cryptocurrencies into its ecosystem, it improved the reach of cryptocurrency. A number of people will be exposed to the various features of cryptocurrencies. The rise in the value of bitcoin after the release of this news is the best example of this.

Even to the users who are familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency, there is always a confusion about the market and stoke value of cryptocurrencies. This is because of the frequent fluctuations, cryptocurrencies experience on a daily basis. To avoid such ambiguity, yahoo finance is the best option for any kind of news or reports of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, Yahoo finance isn’t a newbie in the market. The prior reputation it has makes it the most reliable source of information in the financial market.

According to many financial analysts, this kind of mainstream exposure is vital for the promotion of cryptocurrency. This will lay the foundation for the long term success of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. If yahoo finance continues its support to cryptocurrencies the same way as now, then it cryptocurrencies will take over the global financial market, very soon. To know more about financial business check here.

In conclusion, Yahoo finance cryptocurrency is a very huge step on every level. It will be even more revolutionary if Yahoo launches its own ICO or tokens and take crypto exchange to a whole new level.