Top 10 Cryptocurrency Jargons you should know!


In the crypto world, it is very essential to know the crypto jargons or else you won’t be able to connect to the fellow members of the community and will be feeling left out. Here are some of the essential terminology you should familiarize yourself with:

  1. REKT: Wrecked

The parent word of REKT is wrecked which means ruined. It refers to an investor who is completely ruined due to the losses from the downfall in the price of a cryptocurrency.


  1. HODL: Hold on for dear life

The term was first used by a member under the name GameKyuubi in 2013 under the thread heading “I AM HODLING”. He wanted to convey that he was holding on to his Bitcoins even though their market was falling.

The term became very popular and it conveys the meaning that holds on to the coin and it will be profitable in the future, if not today.


  1. WHALE

Whales are traders who are bullish on anyone cryptocurrency and have a fat account.


  1. FOMO : Fear of Missing Out

In the cryptocurrency world, this words refers to missing out the profit due to a wrong investment or decision.



This term denotes an investor who has been holding to a cryptocurrency for a long period of time and now has to face dire consequences due to that decision.


  1. ADDY: ID

This is similar to the mail id. It is the public key or address of a particular user in the cryptocurrency world. For example people ask “Give me your ADDY”.



This word refers to the rising price of a cryptocurrency. Its upward moment is called going to the moon.

  1. ATH: All-Time High

All-time high refers to the price of a cryptocurrency which has broken all past records and trading at its highest price.


  1. BEAR

This word is copied from the Wall Street people where an investor or a trader believes that a particular currency will fall and wants to make a profit from that fall in prices.


  1. FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

FUD refers to investors who are not sure of the potential of a situation.