3 Amazing Tools to Help Your Cryptocurrency Investment


Are you an aspiring cryptocurrency investor? Do you find it difficult to keep track of different crypto investments? Would you like to research on the prospect of a particular virtual coin? Are you looking to analyze the performance of existing cryptocurrencies in your portfolio?

If your answers are in affirmative, then here are 3 amazing tools to help you effectively streamline your crypto investments.

  1. CoinMarket Cal

CoinMarketCal is an evidence-based, event-driven cryptocurrency calendar. It is a repository of all authentic cryptocurrency related news and rumors. This community-driven free tool can be a great aid to research on different cryptocurrencies, their prospects, trends and market shares. Up-to-date information and insightful community discussions can help you to formulate buy/sell decisions in an informed manner.

  1. CoinTracking

Choosing a winning investment is only the half job done. Then comes the matter of monitoring your investments. Every investor must know the units of different altcoins he has in his portfolio and what is the current market price for each types of coins. Ideally he should be able to analyze the value trends in real-time to know the profit/loss percentage accurately.

A crypto portfolio tool can come very handy in this situation. CoinTracking is one such tool which is widely popular among veteran investors. It has many advanced functionalities and features that let you perform comparative analysis, asset monitoring and pricing trend analysis. If too much complexity is not your cup of tea, you might want to use a simpler tool like CryptoCompare.

  1. MatchCoins

MatchCoins is an awesome comparative analysis tool that can help you understand the real potential of the virtual currency you are looking to invest in. The tool allows you to compare two different altcoins on various parameters so that you can get an idea about the pros and cons. The results give you detailed overview on key parameters like price in USD, market caps, total supply, current circulation volume and predicted price in the near future.


Tools are an important part of any crypto investor’s daily life. Using the right tools, you can gather valuable insight – which can in turn help you to devise optimum strategies for your investment decisions.

Empowering Communities through Blockchain Technology

Like it or loath it, or perhaps you have no real ideas about it just yet, but blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency revolution are just beginning to get started in real terms. In the past year, we have seen influxes of investors in the sector and debate has raged online about the intrinsic value of currencies. One thing is for certain though, despite the many myths surrounding the blockchain, it is here for the long haul.

With that actually comes many positive benefits for individuals and the community as a whole. Here are just a few ways in which the blockchain can be helpful in improving communities.

Increased Accessibility to Products and Services

One of the key aims propelling the blockchain and those behind blockchain based projects is to improve access. This means improving access to the blockchain platforms themselves which in turn will lead to improved accessibility to products and services. This is vital in changing the future of many communities, particularly in developing or under-developed countries.

The key component enabling this is decentralization. A move away from centralized control which in many cases can be corrupt and dishonest, means an improved community for all.

Improved Tech Infrastructure

Naturally, this achievement of accessibility for all requires the correct infrastructure to be present. All over the world, projects are being undertaken to improve communications networks so that communities can adopt blockchain technologies in ways they have never experienced.

The domino effect is that these improved infrastructural capabilities will also entice traditional investment to improve the communities even further. In the globalizing world of today, no action in any sector is done in isolation.

Enhanced Awareness of Technology

The most positive benefit which the blockchain can bring to communities is technological awareness and education. Suddenly, generations are being empowered to learn about the systems and networks behind projects and embrace technology like never before. This obviously has local benefits, but in a wider sense it will mean access to careers and opportunities which previous generations could never achieve. This advancement is made possible in huge amounts thanks to the introduction of the blockchain at community levels.

Can ICO Rating Sites be Trusted?

When you are thinking of investing in a new ICO, the first thing you may do is pop the name into google and see what arises. In many cases, among the first results to return will be from major ICO rating sites. These include the likes of ICOBench and Tokenmarket. But, you may be wondering if these sites offer a really objective and trustworthy review, given that they have had a little bad press lately.

Trust but Verify

On the face value of things, you can trust the ratings of these sites. How can we say that? – Well, most are using complex algorithms to come up with scores which take into account a number of criteria. Some others will also use professional reviewers who are tasked with writing strictly objectives views of the projects they analyze. Despite this trust, you should also verify the facts on your own initiative. This means extensively reviewing all available documents on a project before proceeding.

Nothing is promised

These sites will do their best to offer the most impartial reviews and accurate statistics. There will always be certain exceptions to the rules though. This includes the dark horses that perform outstandingly well or the hot favorites who fall at the first fence. This is a daily risk which we all take.

Unforeseen Events

In any case, even the most promising projects can falter to poor market conditions or other external factors. The current industry climate makes it even more difficult to launch a successful project and extremely hard to evaluate given the conditions. That said, the reviews of these sites still carry huge weight. Therefore, a strong review will by its own accord give a little influence to many of these ICOs and vice versa.

The most important point to note is that you can never be 100% certain. This does not exist. Therefore, only risk as much as you can afford.