How To Mine Bitcoins: A Fast And Easy Guide

Virtual currencies have been around for several years now, and none among them are as popular as the Bitcoin. One of the first mainstream cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoin has rapidly become the best coin to mine owing to its relatively easy availability. However, mining takes time and effort and it is difficult to guarantee which efforts will produce the best results. If you’re wondering how to mine cryptocurrency solo, we’ve put together this guide with some of the best tips on how you can mine Bitcoins.

Bitcoin faucets

These are essentially sites that you visit frequently and that feature ad you click on to earn coins. These amounts are usually very small amounts and are typically not worth the time and money invested into them – however they’re a good option if you’re just learning how to mine cryptocurrency.

Trading Bitcoin

This method involves a lot of time, effort and capital to truly understand how the market works. Once you’ve accomplished that there is no limit to the amount you can earn. Invest some effort upfront and learn the tricks of how to mine all cryptocurrency.

Trying your luck at Bitcoin casinos

This is an obvious and extremely high-risk tactic to rack up your Bitcoin stash. There are multiple online casinos where you can gamble for Bitcoins and potentially make a lot. While there is always an element of risk involved, therefore, it is advisable to gamble at provably fair casinos which use cryptography to demonstrate to users that they are not tampering with the results.

Writing about cryptography

An easy way to earn in Bitcoins is to write about cryptography for journals or blogs online. This is a viable option if you have a knack with words and a fair amount of knowledge about how to choose cryptocurrency and other such topics. Write some samples first before pitching to publications to have a better chance of scoring projects with high pay.

Lending out Bitcoins

A high-risk method of earning Bitcoins that potentially brings in big rewards is the loan of Bitcoins. Owing to their high risk the associated rates of interest are extremely high. However, the lack of loan collateral makes it easy for borrowers to abscond with your money, which is why it is not recommended to loan out your Bitcoins.

Claiming Bitcoin forks

Forking is basically the creation of a new Bitcoin out of an existing one. People who owned the original are now able to claim the forked one as well. Take care while claiming your forked coins to follow all existing guidelines carefully, as any mistakes could result in you losing your Bitcoin