Cryptocurrency market is slowly taking over the world but it is still a smaller industry compared to the global financial system. Crypto market is easily influenced by news and rumors. So in order to stay on top of the crypto market, you need to have every news pertaining to the market on your tips.

CryptoPanic is an online news platform which has all the information and legit news about the crypto market.

How does Cryptopanic works?

Cryptopanic is a free tool which crawls the web for crypto news though reliable websites like, and others. If a user wants advanced features like Reddit integration and twitter channels then they can opt for pro version.


Characteristics of CryptoPanic


This section shows you news about all the cryptocurrencies in the market but you can customize the news according to your cryptocurrencies.

You can create your own personalized and systematic news section on the CryptoPanic. You can choose from five diverse categories namely Top News, All News, Following, News Sites and category.


My Profile

You can also create your profile in Cryptopanic and you can view the news/feeds that you voted for or saved for viewing later. It is a user-friendly platform where you can get all the news pertaining to the cryptocurrency market son one page.


The user can create their own portfolio on CryptoPanic and keep track of all their investments. The users have to integrate API keys of their crypto exchanges into the portfolio and you can view the real-time value of your monies.


The media section on the CryptoPanic shows the news, videos and analysis from different channels. You can use filters in this section also ad view the media according to your own interest and cryptocurrencies.


Pro Version of CryptoPanic

Apart from the services offered in the free version, the pro version in this platform gives you added services of configuring instant alerts for your cryptocurrencies, disabling existing default news, adding custom RSS/Atom feeds and metadata availability.


CryptoPanic is one of the oldest and reliable news aggregators in the crypto space. You can definitely use their free services to formulate your strategies for the next investment.