Cryptocurrency in Health Care Industry


Data breaches are a nightmare in any industry. No matter how sophisticated the security system is, any possible breach can cost a divesting aftermath cost to fix the problem. The health care industry suffers a high hit in terms of cost breaches. It is almost 2.5 times the global average when compared with other global companies. This is because patient privacy is always a top priority in any health care industry.

The solution to this problem came in the form of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology used in it. The blockchain technology is helping to create various platforms that assist the interactions of patients with the healthcare community with utmost privacy. The following are the top 5 cryptocurrencies that are being used in recent times:

  1. Docademic (MTC):

The main aim of Docademic coin is to use blockchain technology for providing free health services. This is the safest platform to exchange any kind of health and medical reports. The Medical Token Currency platform uses Artificial Intelligence to assist doctors to help them while treating and diagnosing their patients.

  1. Patientory (PTOY):

This blockchain powered platform will enable patients, doctors, and healthcare communities to access and transfer patient information safely. Patientory uses a transformational blockchain to connect all the systems in a healthcare community for the safest transfer of records.

  1. Medicalchain (MTN):

This is a large scale platform which brings the patients, doctors, health communities, researchers, and laboratories from across the world in touch. The main aim of this platform is to enable quick and safe access to medical records of every patient on a wide scale (across the world).

  1. Project Shivom (OMX):

This is the most revolutionary project that has ever happened in the healthcare industry using blockchain technology. Project Shivom enables the collaboration between DNA data donors and biotechnology, healthcare, and government-funded research institutions.

  1. DentaCoin (DCN):

The aim of DentaCoin is to provide a safe platform using blockchain technology exclusively for global dental society. Dentacoin is currently working on creating a community for the dental industry globally that benefits people having cryptocurrency and helps to make a better community through it.